Requirements for Farm Stands

Temporary Farm stands are only allowed in the Urban Commercial (UC), Urban Commercial –2 (UC-2), Auto-Urban Commercial (AC), Rural (R), Residential Business (RB), or the Public/Semi-Public (P/SP) zoning districts.  Generally, these are the areas around the Town Square, West Broadway, and South Highway 89 (as indicated by the Official Zoning Map).  Farms stands may not occupy the public right-of-way, nor can they be placed in parking/drive access areas of existing businesses.  Farm stands must also have the consent of the owner of the property they are occupying.   Also, safe site distances must be maintained between the farm stand and the entrances/exits of the site.


 In order to operate a Temporary Farm Stand, there are a few things to obtain before opening:

  • business license shall be obtained from the Town of Jackson.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.  Applications are available online or at the Finance Department.
  • A sign permit must be obtained by the Planning Department.  Only one (1) sign is permitted and it cannot exceed sixteen (16) square feet in size.  This includes multiple sides.
  • A $500 reclamation bond shall be posted with the Town of Jackson.  The bond shall be submitted with the Business License application.
  • If the farm stand is proposed to be connected to Power, an electrical inspection is required.  Contact Jackson Hole Fire/EMS at (307) 733-4732 to schedule an inspection.
  • The sale of certain foods may require a Health Department inspection.  Please contact Teton County Environmental Health at (307) 733-6401 to determine if an inspection is necessary.