In 2007, the Jackson Town Council and Board of Teton County Commissioners took action to improve energy efficiencies and reduce heat trapping gas emissions by forming an Energy Efficiency Advisory Board (EEAB) tasked with improving energy efficiency in local governmental operations.

In order to provide focus for the newly formed Board, the Town and County adopted an aggressive energy reduction target for local government operations, committing to 10% reduction in electricity and a 10% reduction in fossil fuel use by the year 2010 (hence, 10x10).

The final project report was released in June, 2011.

Energy Use (2006 - 2010) Highlights

Electricity Use
Town Hall Down 39%
Public Works Shops Down 12%

Overall, Town of Jackson existing facilities used 29% less energy in 2010 than in 2006. The 10x10 Initiative required that energy necessary to support new facilities (such as the parking structure and Deloney restrooms) be offset by efficiency gains in existing buildings. The combined reduction for Town facilities (new and existing) is 17% below 2006 baseline levels.

Gasoline Use
Pathways Down 68%
Public Works Streets Department Down 32%
Police Department Down 52%

A number of projects are currently underway to install energy efficiency upgrades in Town and County facilities. We will start to see the energy savings from those projects in the coming months.

Most of the accomplishments to date have been through Town and County employees taking the initiative to change how they use fuel and electricity every day.