Planning & Building

-Building Code Update-
The Town of Jackson has adopted the 2012 Editions of the International Building and Fire Codes. Contact the Town’s Building Department for a list of applicable codes, local amendments and additional information.
(307) 733-0520

Town of Jackson Planning and Building Department

Main Office
Hours:  8 AM - 5 PM
Mailing Address:  Planning & Building Department
P.O. Box 1687
Jackson, WY 83001

Come see us at:  150 E. Pearl Avenue (upstairs in Town Hall)
Phone:  (307) 733-0440 or (307) 733-0520
FAX:  (307) 734-3563

 Steve Haines is the Building Official and can be reached at (307) 733-0520, Ext. 1350.

Building Permits: Kelly Bowlin is the Development Coordinator. She can answer any questions regarding the building permit process. You may also reach Kelly at (307) 733-0520, Ext. 1352. 

Building Inspections and Sign Permits:  Billy Nunn in the Building Inspector/Code Compliance Officer. Building inspections are scheduled through Billy at (307) 733-0520, Ext. 1351. He can also answer questions regarding sign permits, building codes and code compliance.

Stephanie Hix  is the Office Manager and can answer questions regarding applications and general questions about the planning process. Stephanie can also be reached at (307) 733-0440, Ext. 1304.

Lindsay Travis, Associate Planner can be reached at (307) 733-0440, Ext. 1302. 
Tyler Sinclair, Planning Director can be reached at (307) 733-0440, Ext. 1301. 

The Planning & Building Department supports short and long-range planning activities for the citizens of the Town of Jackson. The department provides information to property owners and the general public regarding comprehensive planning and zoning issues. The department reviews permit applications, issues building and related permits, and inspects buildings and properties to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.

Tyler Sinclair, Planning Director