Land Development Regulations

The Land Development Regulations provided below includes ordinances and resolutions passed by the Town Council as of  September 17, 2012, through and including Ordinance No. 1009 and Resolution No. 12-13.  Staff updates this page as soon as time permits after passage and any required legal advertisement. You may want to browse through the Town Council Meeting Agendas as of the date listed above to determine if additional ordinances or resolutions may have been passed, but that are not yet incorporated below, that may affect the Title or Section that you are reviewing.

Article 1 - General Provisions
Article 2 - Zoning District Regulations
Article 3 - Natural, Scenic, Agricultural and Tourism Resources
Article 4 - Development Standards
Article 5 - Administration
Article 6 - Platting and Land Records
Article 7 - Nonconformities
Article 8 - Definitions
Article 9 - Enforcement