Permits & Applications

Permits and Applications may be downloaded to your computer.  Please fill them out and email or deliver to the appropriate department. 

Available from the Finance Department / 150 E Pearl Avenue, PO Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001

Business License Application
Business License Application Procedures
Ground Transportation Business License
Expo License Application

LGLP Claim Form
Temporary Transient Business Application
Transient  Business Info
Vehicle Permit Application
Operator Permit Application

Available from the Planning & Building Department / 150 E Pearl Avenue, PO Box 1687Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-0440

Fee Schedule

Letter of Authorization (Must accompany all building permits)
Commercial Building Permit Application
Residential Building Permit Application
Certificate of Placement Form
Development Permit
Final Plat Application
Sign Permit Application
Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA)
Residential Fee-in-lieu calculation sheet
Employee Fee-in-lieu calculation sheet
School Exaction calculation sheet
Park Exaction calculation sheet

Contractor Licensing Forms
Contractor Licensing Ordinance Highlights
Town Of Jackson Reference Form
Contractor License Application
Certificate of Qualification Application

Available from the Personnel Department / 150 E Pearl Avenue, PO Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-3932

Job Application
START Bus Driver Application

Available from the Town Clerk / 150 E Pearl Avenue, PO Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001

Catering Permit
Special Event Permit
Malt Beverage Permit
Liquor License
Special Event Ordinance

Available from the Engineering Department/450 W Snow King Avenue, PO Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001

Construction Standards
Grading Permit
Demolition Permit - Upon receipt of a demolition permit application, the planning & building department shall refer the application to the Teton County Historic Preservation Board (TCHPB) if the structure is on the TCHPB Building List.Click for the TCBH Building List.
Encroachment Permit
Building Permit

Available from the Police Department/150 E Pearl Avenue, PO Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001 (307)733-1430

Noise Permit
Request for Police Services (for private event)